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September 27, 2013

Skin Health Tips for the Changing Seasons

After a hot summer, the cool temperatures and beautiful changing leaves of Autumn are more than welcome. While most of us look forward to fall after a baking hot summer, our skin can struggle with changing temperatures and dryness associated with cold climates. Add in dry air from a heater and your skin may respond with breakouts, redness, or dry skin until it grows accustomed to this new change. At Juve Surgical, our goal is to help your skin stay radiant through all the seasons. Here are a few skin health tips for fall and winter weather:

Swap Drying Summer Products- Most summer products are designed to strip oil from your skin’s surface, however, during the cooler months your skin may not have much excess oil to remove. A better choice is selecting products like Obagi Nu-Derm® that replace lost moisture so your skin stays hydrated and healthy.

Use SPF- This probably sounds like a basic, but many people go easy on their SPF as the weather cools. In reality, regular use of sunscreen is essential for healthy skin, year-round.

Figure Out Your Facials- Depending on your skin type, less often or more frequent facials may help your skin glow all season. Those with oily skin can reduce appointments, while those with dry skin may want to sneak in a few more visits.

Amp Up on Omegas- According to a recent study, taking between 2,000-4,000 mgs of Omega-3 fatty acids daily can help prevent acne due to Omega-3’s anti-inflammatory benefits. Choosing foods rich in additional nutrients like vitamins and minerals can also help your skin look healthy all year.

Choose a Chemical Peel- If changing seasons have been hard on your skin, a chemical peel can restore smoothness and dewiness to your skin’s appearance. A chemical peel can smooth out rough skin, even your skin tone, and help with fine lines or acne.

As the weather cools, your skin doesn’t have to lose its summer glow. If you have additional questions about tending to your skin across the changing seasons, meet with one of our skilled aestheticians to discuss your skin’s needs as well as treatment options available at our Delaware medical clinic. Call us at 302-478-4020 or contact us online for a free quote.

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