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October 24, 2013

Can the Holidays Wreck Your Skin?

At the first stirring of cool weather it’s hard not to get excited for all the holiday parties, potlucks, and events that will fill your calendar for the rest of the year. After all, the holidays are “the most wonderful time of the year,” right? While we look on the coming festivities with fondness, our skin may be feeling less optimistic. Late nights, sweet treats, and outdoor sports in cold weather can affect the texture, tone, and vitality of your skin. Knowing common offenders of skin health, and how can we manage them, can keep your skin from shouting “bah humbug” come Christmas.

The Culprit: Candy Overload.
Eating the occasional homemade fudge or fun sized candy won’t cause your skin to go sour, but during the holidays it can be difficult to limit portions thanks to an abundance of gift giving and community candy bowls at work. However, recent studies suggest that indulging in too many sweets may have a negative impact on how your skin ages. Prevention Magazine reported that a process in your body called glycation, when sugar in the bloodstream attaches to proteins and creates a molecule that’s harmful to collagen and elastin, can cause a reduction in skin elasticity and aid in wrinkles. Limit your sugar intake and aim to lower overall simple carbohydrate consumption. Additionally, using anti-aging products like Obagi Nu-Derm® System can help restore skin by increasing the production of collagen.

The Culprit: Late Nights
Aside from the end of the year rush, late nights at holiday get togethers, work parties, and charity events can keep you from getting enough ZZZ’s every night. According to an article found on, lack of sleep can worsen acne, accelerate aging, cause skin to be more sensitive, and make your skin look dull. The trick is to find a balance- make sure you’re not skipping sleep to enjoy all the holiday parties you’ll be attending. While there’s no substitute for sleep, facials and microdermabrasion can also help restore tired skin by creating a natural glow and smoothing blemishes.

The Culprit: Sledding or Skiing
One of the pleasures winter brings is outdoor activities like hitting the slopes, sledding with family, or snowshoeing. Often people think about bundling up, but leave their head exposed to wind and other elements. Very cold weather can cause dryness over your entire body, but especially to exposed areas like your face. During drier winter months it’s important to use a sunscreen, regularly apply lotion, and avoid very hot water.

The holidays don’t have to wreck the beauty of your skin. Knowing what to avoid and how to tend your skin can keep your face glowing through spring. If you are interested in learning more about additional services like Botox or dermal filler injections offered at our Delaware Surgical Center, request a consultation, or call us at 302-478-4020.

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